Back to our usual style of travel

We were spoiled in Dubai and Egypt, but we had to leave and continue our adventures! When we were waiting at this bus stop- the flies were swarming around us and the bathrooms reminded us of India. Emerson was SO mad. If she could have ended the trip right then and there- she would have. The boys loved going up to the different bus drivers to see which bus would be ours. We took an overnight bus for 13 hours, then another 3 hour bus, a taxi and I forget what else. Then we had to go through some pretty intense border crossings. We made it to Petra (in Jordan) in about 22 hours or so. Whew!!!!! Thank goodness Petra did not disappoint.



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One thought on “Back to our usual style of travel

  1. Jackie

    Glad to see you are back online! Tell Emme she can come stay with us if she needs a break from travels. I am surprised Jordan is not more developed- thanks for giving us the heads up in case we plan a trip. haha We continue to enjoy all of your entries, hopefully we will chat soon! XoXo Jackie

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