Prince Restaurant- the experience was as good as the food!

A sea of tables flows onto the street. The smell of garlic is so strong you can taste it. Getting a table in the packed restaurant was no problem- people seemed to fall over themselves to make room for Bob and Lindsay. At one point, a woman came up and handed her baby to Bob. The baby then went to Lindsay then to me. I looked at Lindsay, she basically said ‘this is what they do here!’ So I held the baby until the mom took her back. Too funny.
Jesse and I loved the food and the atmosphere- what a great experience. The kids liked the pita (and maddux loved the hummus) but they were more excited to leave the place since Lindsay said she could score them some ice cream!
We were all spoiled when we went back to their place where Jesse got to watch soccer, I got some really good tea and the kids had their treat. Actually, Maddux and Lennon fell asleep. Lennon got up and ate his ice cream but was so tired he didn’t remember eating it the next morning!




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One thought on “Prince Restaurant- the experience was as good as the food!

  1. The Browns

    Happiness is…seeing all of your beautiful faces & with the Bradleys! Hi Bob & Linds XO

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