To the Bradley’s- How do we begin to thank you?!?!

We knew you would be welcoming, but we had no idea we would be treated like family. The meals, the accomodations, the rides with Hanney and Walid, the laundry, the pool, the treats! We could go on and on. You definitely made it harder to get back on the road!
I am writing this while sitting at a bus station while flies are swarming around us. Emerson is bummed because she thought we were done with the third world stuff. For breakfast we had a Twinkie and a Ho-Ho and thought of you and your hot air balloon story. Jesse and I had some Turkish coffee that I swear was laced with crack, but we’re ready to go now!
Just got off the night bus- wasn’t so bad. Only had a few people yelling at us in Arabic- we think they were trying to be helpful but you never can tell. In the middle of the night, some military guys came on the bus, had everyone get off with all their bags- checked our passports and had bomb sniffing dogs go through the everything. All was good, so we continued onward.
Thank you again! We can’t wait to repay you some day.
Lindsay- you really made an impression on Lennon! While we were walking around Jerusalem today- he asked when we would be going back to your house. 🙂





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