At a desert camp in Wadi Rum – Jordan in the Middle East

I am typing this post on March 30th in the middle of the desert. I wish I could transmit the sights, sounds, smells and energy of this camp through the Internet to you. All around us are mountains, red sand and camels. Arabian music is playing and the wind is blowing so hard that it is pelting sand against the side of the tent which sounds really neat. Jesse and the kids are hiking right outside of our tent on a huge rock formation. I can hear their voices echoing in the canyon and my stomach growling. I am so excited we’ll be having dinner soon- I can smell the food cooking on the outdoor fire pit. During the day it was obviously hot, but as soon as the sun went down and a sand storm rolled through, the climate changed to a comfortably cool temperature.
We went on a jeep tour around the desert, hiked, talked, had tea with some Bedouin people, watched the sun set and soon we will play a game of UNO. This is livin’! To top it off- Em and I took showers- the water was cold but the shower stalls were relatively clean, so we were happy!
Perspective is an amazing thing- it can make or break your quality of life. Before we began this trip- we all had certain “creature comforts” that we enjoyed. Almost all are out the window! Not to sound cheesy, but all we really need is each other, drinking water and a good toothbrushing so we can talk in close quarters without gagging. That’s it!







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