Dancing the night away in the middle of the desert

Man! Our kids can move! Lennon has some crazy, fast stepping, dancing feet. He was all over the dance floor, but had to take a break when he danced so hard- he cut his toe open. No worries! We bandaged it up, said ‘the show must go on,’ and he went back out to cut a rug! Maddux has his own style with lots of attitude. I think he’ll be like his Unkie Jeff and be in a band some day. Emerson shocked the heck out of us when Barakat pulled her out to dance and she showed us all that the girl’s got some rhythm! As soon as there was a lull in the music- she made a beeline to get off the dance floor. I was laughing so hard until the guy pulled me out there. He whipped me around so fast, my hair was all kinds of crazy! Fun night!
(If the pants I am wearing look filthy and baggy- it’s because they were! They were on day 6 or 7 of not being rinsed out after miles of trekking. Fashion takes a backseat when you’re living life on the road! hee. That’s my excuse now- I don’t know what my explanation will be when I’m back to living my normal life!)







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