Here’s what we saw while on our desert safari

Our guide was Sada. He yelled “yalla, yalla” often which means “let’s go! let’s go!” He showed us some carvings of Lawrence of Arabia, some sand dunes, camels, rock etchings, lizards and a red rock powder that was once used for makeup. We loved hunting for scarab beetles (they are a sign of good luck) and the kids would follow their tracks until a mini sandstorm would come and blow them away.
Quick history lesson about Lawrence of Arabia that I took from a history website: “Lawrence found fame during World War I. He lived among the Arabs who fought the Turks. He lived the life of a Bedouin, always doing more than those he fought with – riding his camel further, pushing his body harder. He ate what they ate which led to a number of debilitating stomach ailments. But by doing this, he earned the respect of those who fought with him.

“Of all the men I have ever met, Al Auruns (Lawrence) was the greatest prince.”
A sheikh who fought with Lawrence

How important was the contribution of Lawrence to the campaign in the Middle East? Historians are likely to argue this question for many years. Before he arrived in the region, the British campaign had got bogged down. After his meeting with Feisal, the campaign picked up. Lawrence went out of his way to befriend the Arabs – something that not all British officers in the Middle East chose to do. At Deraa, he had a force of 3,000 Arabs.”












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