Random Thoughts and What-Not

~Lennon has made up his own song called “I Gotta’ Hurry Up!” He sings it with a heavy metal type energy. Someone was telling him to hurry up and he just started singing his song. We have since added onto it. I don’t think he’d let us take a video of it- but it would definitely be blog worthy!
~We downloaded some songs onto our iPad: Indiana Jones, Jaws, Star Wars (main theme song) and The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s song.) It is incredible how these songs can help put you in a particular mood. You can not help but feel like being an adventurer when you listen to India Jones. (For my brother Jeff- it’s kind of like Mortal Kombat. Thanks for letting me listen to that a million times on our cross country road trip!! You are the best brother- hands down!)
~Speaking of songs- to avoid boredom during long waits (either waiting for a mode of transportation or in one) you have to figure out how to make fun! So- the kids put music on and make up dances. They’ve also done some synchronized swimming together. We should really take video to use as blackmail later!
~As time has gone by, everyone has become incredibly efficient. I can now wake up, shower, get dressed/ready, pack up my backpack and the kids’ clothes bags in under ten minutes. If no shower is involved- I can easily be ready to go in less than six. That explains my appearance in most of the photos! hee

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