A real life moment of frustration cuts trough a peaceful day in the holy land

We stopped to eat some pita and hummus on a cobblestone street in Jerusalem. We set out a sarong and made it like a nice little picnic. We were taking in the whole scene- there were people on once in a lifetime pilgrimages and there were others bartering with shopkeepers. All of a sudden, a boy on a bike whips around a corner and almost runs into a lady outside of a store in front of us. She screeches (extremely loud) “Jesus Christ, you Jackass!!!” I started laughing like crazy. I know I’ve been to that point on this trip- when reserves are low, and I’m hungry and tired, but I am proud to say that I haven’t lost it like that….at least not yet. There are crucifixes everywhere, people are praying, some are crying tears of joy because they’ve made it to this holy place, the spot where Jesus was crucified is, literally, 100 feet away and this woman just screamed at the top of her lungs “Jesus Christ!” I would not have been surprised if people’s ears started to bleed! I don’t know why, but I live for stuff like that- those awkward, weird, raw spurts of unedited emotion where everyone witnessing the exchange becomes part of the moment.
I also loved that she used the word ‘jackass.’ It is a word I don’t hear very often, but when it is well placed- it is pure comedy gold!

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2 thoughts on “A real life moment of frustration cuts trough a peaceful day in the holy land

  1. Kerri

    Kim, I’m really glad you’re still getting your kicks!

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