Tel Aviv Beach- playing in the Mediterranean Ocean!

We had a well deserved beach afternoon in Tel Aviv. The kids made sand donut holes and sand art.
Jesse and I took little naps then watched people. The first photo is of Muslim women- a grandmother, mother and daughter. From what I have learned – some Muslims believe that Muslim women should be fully covered starting when they reach puberty so as not to attract the attention of men. Sometimes this is the woman’s choice and sometimes a dominant male figure makes the decision for her. In some places we visited, women were completely covered- with not even the eyes showing. I don’t want to go off on a tangent with this, but this does make me think of women as being property in some instances. Are we suppose to believe that all men can’t control themselves when they see a woman’s hair, ankle or shoulder? What about when a father withholds the right to an education from his daughter in the name of religion? The more it’s in my face, the more I wonder how much power (if any) some of these women have to make their own decisions.







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