The Mouth of Truth!

This huge marble disc is called the Mouth of Truth. There is a medieval legend associated with it that says the mouth of the marble face will close down if anyone puts his hand in it and tells a lie.
It was (supposedly) used for people accused of committing perjury or adultery. They had to swear under oath and then put their hand into the mouth then wait to see what happened! According to the legend it was even used during the Middle Ages. An executioner would hide behind the disc with a sharp sword ready to cut off the hand of a liar! Yikes!
Notice in the pictures who was scared to put their hand in all the way! Emerson admitted that she lies sometimes – she admitted this while waiting in line! Lennon said he doesn’t lie but the face kind of scared him.





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2 thoughts on “The Mouth of Truth!

  1. Maggie

    Love it;) just watched Roman holiday this past weekend…one of my favorite movies..and they have a great scene with the mouth of truth;)xoxo

    • Maggie! I need to see that movie. I heard the mouth was in it and i love AH. In Switzerland now in the Alps- the air is so refreshing. Hope all is happy with you. Love!

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