German Cemetery in Luxembourg

The Sandweiler German war cemetery is a World War II cemetery located in southern Luxembourg. 10,913 German soldiers (Nazis) from the Battle of the Bulge in 1944-45 are located here. American casualties are buried less than a mile away at the Luxembourg American Cemetery in Hamm.
The last person to be buried at Sandweiler was an unknown German soldier discovered in the forests near Wiltz in 2007.
The energy of these cemeteries is so shockingly different- you can feel it right away. Each American has their own cross at the US cemetery, while at the German one, up to four names are on a cross (2 names on each side) and there are many “unknowns.” The US one is pristine with guides milling about ready to give facts and answer questions. At the German one, a guy with a leaf blower was the only person in sight. The grass was overgrown and it just seemed more eery. Perhaps it’s indicative of how people feel about that time in history- I don’t know. (?) We’ll have to do some research when we visit Germany!






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