In Barmstedt Germany visiting Becky, Aaron and Claudia!






We have been having a blast with our good friends who moved here from California. Even though it has been rainy and cold- it hasn’t slowed us down! We have walked all around the city, took a train to Hamburg, went to a farmers’ market and paddle boated around their beautiful lake. The kids, Jesse and I went to Claudia’s school and spent time seeing the school where she works. Emerson also got to spend a day at school with Becky. How fun! In their English class- they discussed bad words. All the kids were very attentive for that lesson!
Being here has been like staying at a spa. They have a sauna and a hot tub. Claudia makes killer food- so we are eating well! I think Emerson would like to stay here indefinitely!

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8 thoughts on “In Barmstedt Germany visiting Becky, Aaron and Claudia!

  1. peafour

    You are visiting my old stomping grounds! Henstedt-Ulzburg (just a few miles from Barmstedt, ja?) is where I spent a year in high school. Didn’t realize you’d be heading north. Isn’t Hamburg beautiful? P.S. On a side note, my host-sister’s 16 year old son is coming and staying with us for 3.5 weeks this summer!

    • Ang- Guten Tag, mein Freund! hamburg is picturesque! Very friendly people, too. It sounds like you guys will have a fun summer with the 16 year old from Deutschland. I am surprised at how much German I still understand. I went to my friend’s classroom the other day (she works with second and third graders) and I could ask questions. They would giggle but understand and answer. So fun! Em, Maddux and Lennon had fun even though it was hard to communicate. Thankfully, playing and laughing is universal. Hope to see you guys this summer! Love!

      • peafour

        If your travels are taking you to Racine, we are happy to meet you there. Or, you always have a place to stay with us! I hope to see you guys too.

      • Ang- we will be in Racine some time this summer. Maybe we can have a big sleepover at your house! We could show the kids Milwaukee. I love that city! See you soon, my sister! Love!

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      • peafour

        You guys are welcome any time! A sleepover would be perfect. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to have one of those!

      • Ang- we’ll plan it this summer. Love!

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  2. Jackie

    Sounds like so much fun! Did your kids have to share bad words they know in English? You guys are livin in up-love it! Xo

    • Jackie- it was just Emerson that was in the “bad word” class with her friend and, yes, of course she contributed (she has me for a mother!) Em’s word was as$hole. Not too shabby. Saw you guys were in Princeton. I want that tshirt! Hoagie Haven is so yummy- I hope you guys ate some! Love!

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