Allie Terry!!!

Allie is one of my best friends. Our story goes back to 1995 in Washington D.C. Jesse and I were living with Lee Topar, Jesse’s best bud from college. Lee was an intern at the National Gallery of Art – as was Allie. He brought her to our place to hang out one night and the rest is history. It was like I found a long lost sister- she had me at hello. hee. Our sense of humor, the delight we find in the absurd, our inability to suppress laughter, a little sprinkling of insanity and our love of Halloween are all things we share.
After D.C., Jesse and I moved to Chicago and Allie and I temporarily lost touch. Then one night, after one of Jesse’s games with the Fire, my mom told me there was a girl behind me trying to get my attention. I turned around and saw my buddy!!! We quickly picked up where we left off and had nothing but fun together in Chi-town! She was a reader at our wedding and stold the show- as usual!
We often planned Halloween outfits together. My favorite was when we dressed up as the Sweeney Sisters (it was a Saturday Night Live skit from the mid-80’s that I loved!)

I can not find a picture of us from that night, but we kind of looked like the photo attached. “Clang, clang, clang goes the hammer! Ring, ring, ring goes the bell!!!”
Allie is one of those friends that I hope my kids find at least one of in their lifetimes. Our relationship has been nothing but fun and love. She makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a “sparkle party” whenever we’re together.
The baby in the Austria photos is Allie’s newborn, Walter. What great timing that our trip took us to Salzburg soon after he was born. We all got to meet our new friend. He is perfection. Stefan, her husband, is pretty amazing, too.
Wir lieben Sie!!!


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6 thoughts on “Allie Terry!!!

  1. peafour

    You guys are too cute — so great that you got to see each other (and meet Walter). I can’t believe she’s living in Salzburg!!! Hi Allie, from the Pettit’s!

  2. I couldn’t have wished for a happier birthday present than to have you all visit and to meet little Walter this week! I remember holding your babies in the hospital and in the days after they were born and now I’m so happy that you could do the same with ours! We love you all, and you are such amazing friends. I know we will always pick up wherever leave off, but I hope that once you are back in the states that we live closer than before and our times apart are fewer and fewer in between! Much LOVE to you all and VIELE DANKE!!!!!!

    • Life is good, Allie Terry!!! Next time we see each other we will throw a no holds barred sparkle party!!!! Love and Thank You for everything!!!

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  3. The Browns

    I remember Allie, her great personality and sense of humor! There are only a few of us that can say we have amazing friendships like that. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a huge smile on my face reading this and seeing you all together! XO

    • Kim- Allie is a character. I must be doing something right in life because all my friends are frickin’ stellar!!!!!! You included, lady! Hope you’re still rockin’ Utah!!!! hee. Love!

      Sent from my iPad

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