Dachau- “Never Again”

When you first get to Dachau you pass through an iron gate with the slogan: “Arbeit Macht Frei” – work sets you free. This was personally chosen by Theodor Eicke – the father of the SS-run concentration camp system. (SS stands for the German word Schutzstaffel which was the army police.)
Eicke’s idea was that through a combination of severe discipline, sparse/nasty living conditions and forced labor, he could reform any perceived ‘Enemy of the State,’ then set him free to live a productive life in support of Hitler’s agenda. Inside the camp, painted in large letters along the roof of one building was the motto: “There is one way to freedom. Its milestones are: obedience, zeal, honesty, order, cleanliness, temperance, truth, sense of sacrifice and love for the Fatherland.” So ironic. Those weirdos totally believed in and were fully committed to their own lies and hypocrisy.
New arrivals at Dachau were never told how long they would be at the prison. This actually weakened their morale because they didn’t have ‘a light at the end of the tunnel.’ Often, their journey to Dachau marked the first time they were ever accused of any wrong doing. Most had never had any involvement with the police in the past. Many had been sent there by the Gestapo upon vague accusations and/or by simply disliked by someone. Some were even arrested on suspicion they might commit a crime in the future. What in the world?!?! How could anyone have functioned in daily life with that type of fear hanging over your head every day.
Emerson felt a heaviness in her heart and pain in her stomach. Maddux was so confused that people could do this to other people. I felt horrifically sad and angry. Jesse and Lennon just walked around silently.
Heavy stuff but important to see.




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