So much fun with the Pettit Family!

We had a slumber party with the Pettits in Wisconsin. They have the coolest house ever – it feels like you’re in a big treehouse. One of the photos is of the kids with Hudson, Cole and Mo (the 16 year old son of Angie’s German host family from when she was an exchange student.) Hudson and Emerson hung out together a lot at Jesse’s Fire games when they were babies. Hudson’s dad, Brian, grew up in Racine like we did. Jesse met him and Scott while playing soccer when they were kids.
It was sometime during the 90s and Jesse hadn’t seen Brian in years until our good friends Yvonne and Greg in Chicago had them over one night and mentioned Jesse. Brian immediately came over and knocked on our door. We met his wife, Angie, who is amazing and we’ve been in touch ever since! It is a small, wonderful world we live in!



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