If you have left a comment for us…. Please read below

I’m not sure how the comment replies work. I try to respond to all the comments people post. I don’t know if the comments get posted to the post that you originally commented on or if it gets sent to your email. Anyhoo (kim s, I used that word just for you) please look around on older posts if you haven’t heard back from me. A comment might be hidden somewhere. 🙂 I’m so happy our friends and family are checking in with us. It’s kind of like you guys are on our adventure with us without us actually traveling together and getting on each other’s last nerve. I’m kidding! The Internet really does make the world seem like a smaller place. Love!

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2 thoughts on “If you have left a comment for us…. Please read below

  1. john

    Hi guys, we (Leo, that is) played Jeff’s hockey team last week and creamed them 11:2. Jeff and I had a great chat before the game … but didn’t talk to me after it 😦 If he’s a bit down these days, you’ll know why 🙂 We just had lunch at Milo’s on Park, a MUST when you get back. Enjoy life, john

    • leaving a reply off someone elses’ let me know if you get it..you can imagine wasn’t thrilled about that “strong current” situation..talk about adrenaline!! pictures continue to be book worthy, kid again, look great…miss you all…mum

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