“The more I see, the less I know for sure.” -John Lennon

~We have learned that hospitals don’t have band-aids, hotels don’t have pillows and bathrooms don’t have toilet paper.
~We went to a place for dinner the other night and sat at a table on the floor. We had pillows and could lay down. They were showing the movie The Dictator with the guy who was in Bruno and Borat. It’s pretty funny. There were some anti-American jokes in the movie and I noticed some of the people around us looking for our reaction. It’s funny how you can glance at a person and take a pretty good guess at where they’re from. What gives it away for us? Jesse’s American flag speedo? My nails painted red, white and blue? Just kiddin! I am quite patriotic but not stupid. You must be safe while in foreign countries because some people might have strong opinions (not about you personally, but about the country you’re from.) I find, most of the time, if you treat people well, they will do the same.
~On some menus, they will have guacamole listed or California rolls -but no one seems to know what an avocado is in this part of the world and the guacamole and rolls are never available. Weird.
~I was just talking to someone about how nice all the people were on koh lipe island- then the next day while I was sitting under a tree near a coffee house (innocently using their free wifi) the owner comes out with a big bucket of water and threatens to throw it at me. He said “You! Out!” Geesh. I would have bought a cup of coffee or something if he would have asked me to.
~Some groups of people like to be color coded when doing an activity together. I’ve seen groups walking around together with color coded stickers and a person with the same colored flag leading them in the front (to a boat, a hotel, whatever.) Some people even go so far as to all wear matching tshirts and hats. I, admittedly, do not have the keenest sense of direction- but it seems a bit overkill. That being said, I did like watching them move through the island every now and again and I can guarantee no one from their groups ever get lost so I shouldn’t be making fun!

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