Ferry Ride from Koh Lipe to Koh Lanta. Goodbye Koh Lipe!







This was a longer trip than planned, but all worked out well. We were supposed to be on a five hour ferry ride, but they waited for a “large group” of people to arrive for over an hour. Finally, a longtail boat putters up and 3 people hop out. Come on! By this point the bathrooms were already starting to smell and our journey hadn’t even begun. It was all good, though. We spent some time above checking out the sights until it got too wet (good travel day because of all the rain.) Some of us took cat naps, read the guide book, worked on school work, jotted down blog notes or played a bit on the iPad. We have become relatively good at using our time efficiently. In one of the pictures, there is a guy behind Maddux that, I swear, looked just like Geraldo Rivera. That was my third and last attempt at taking a picture of him.
It looks like Maddux was having a photo shoot in some of these pictures. It was super windy up there – he was loving it! Check out the surfer hair below!


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