Snorkeling in Koh Lipe





Wow! That was some incredible snorkeling. We hired a longtail boat and went to about four or five different places to snorkel. It is a wild world below the water. The fish were swimming right up tour faces. It was like we were in the movie Nemo. The coral is big! We all saw different things- here is a list of what we remember: a little swordfish, a squid, anemones, clownfish, the fish that looks like Gill from nemo, a puffer fish (unpuffed), sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfish and little white fish that we call starer fish. The starer fish would swim real close to you and just stare at you. One bit Jesse on the toe. Pretty funny. The puffer fish was one of my favorites. He swam through the area like a bodybuilder struts through a gym. All the other fish kind of made way for him.
A scary part of our field trip (that’s what Lennon called it) was when our boat guy dropped us in an area where the current was violent! I jumped off the opposite side of the boat because he was taking awhile to put the ladder down. I was dragged about 50 feet in a second. The guy didn’t speak English but was motioning me to swim around and grab onto a rope attached to the boat. Easier said than done. I had some adrenaline going so I was fine. Em and Maddux were smarter than me and kept holding onto the rope while Jesse and Lennon got dragged quite a ways away and were making their way back. Thank goodness Jesse has been eating all that muscle man curry! In the commotion, some goggles were lost at sea and a flipper had to be rescued by another boat. The current was so strong, it was stripping Lennon of all his gear. We cut that excursion short and hopped back on the boat. Later that afternoon is when Emme got bit by the dog. What a perilous day!

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