“Righteous! Righteous!” – Crush from the movie Nemo






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3 thoughts on ““Righteous! Righteous!” – Crush from the movie Nemo

  1. The Hacohens

    Hey Travelers – just a shout out that we are reading & following & LOVING your blog. Keep the posts & pics coming, and try not to step in any more human poop, ok? Sending you lots of good thoughts. xx

    • Abby! So happy to hear that you’re on our adventure with us! I have been meaning to do a post regarding snacks (which I have broken the kids need to have at every hour.) I remember we had a funny conversation about snacks – we never had snack times as kids. You got your three meals a day and were happy! Hope all is well in sunny California! Maddux says hi to Ben!!! You still in Joe’s Bootcamp? Love!

  2. The Hacohens

    Ha! Yeah, I know you’re traipsing across southeast Asia carrying a 10 lb backpack full of tupperwared snacks & Gatorade :). Ben says hi right back to Maddux. Said that waterslide looked REALLY cool. You guys have sold Vietnam on us. Just moved to top of the travel wish list! xx

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