Ready, set, go!!!!!

This was so fun!!!!! We did it over and over and over again!!!






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2 thoughts on “Ready, set, go!!!!!

  1. Bb

    Hey Kim and Co, how about a little quiz to freshen up your memory of good ole times?! It’s white, you haven’t seen it in a while, it has been coming down in a steady fall like the water on your slide, it makes the roads so slippery that the kids are having their first “???” day this winter, and we’ve already had so much of it that we have yet to find the right attitude to come to terms with it now that spring should be almost here. Still can’t remember … good for you :))
    And if I told you that the only elephants in our neighborhood come in the shape of snow removal trucks and that our slides are sledding hills, would that help?!?
    Stay where you are as long as you can and enjoy it! WE will spend the snow day sledding on Murray Hill … big hug! Bb

    • BB- a snow day in Montreal? That is crazy! I hope sledding was fun- we are going sand sledding on dunes later today at sunset. Loving your comments! Keep warm. Love!

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