A rock sculpture for Paul and Roger

Hey P & R- we like making rock sculptures- they remind me of the bunker and all the fun stuff you’ve made with rocks, clothes pins, etc. Hope you guys are well. Why haven’t you commented lately?! Love!


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4 thoughts on “A rock sculpture for Paul and Roger

  1. paul mougey

    Nice cairn. What’s a stack of rocks called there? I wonder if it’s still standing!

    • Paul- around these parts we call a stack of rocks- a stack of rocks. 🙂 How the heck are you guys? Love!

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  2. Roger Heaton

    We light a candle in the rock salt votive you gave us just about ever day. Your adventure is like a balancing act 😉
    Love you guys !

    • Oh Roger! You have no idea. SO happy to hear from you guys. I love that you still use the salt thing. I should have packed one! Love!

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