Train Ride from Hoi An to Mui Ne

We have been on a few overnight trains so we kind of knew what to expect, but when we got on this train- it was very different. There were sleeping cubicles with 2 small bunk beds. We had bought 4 bed tickets. They said they only had uppers left and we would be next to each other. When we got on, I walked to my cubicle to find four sweaty, stinky men on beds and old lawn chairs sprawled out by the door. This might be weird, but they reminded me of guys who would be involved in cock fighting or games of Russian Roulette. I’m not really into that stuff. ha. I went into Jesse’s and there was a nice young couple reading books and they were (relatively) good smelling. I told Jesse that none of us would be sleeping in my assigned area, so Maddux, Emerson and I climbed up on one bed (thank goodness I am flexible- you have to stretch your leg up high to hoist yourself up.) Jesse and Lennon were on the other one. Emerson and Maddux were sleeping opposite of each other. Maddux started complaining that her foot was in his face and Emerson was complaining about the smell of Maddux’s feet. I had a long metal bar in my back. Jesse suggested that Em and Lennon switch so we’d have more room- brilliant! Emerson jumped over to the other bed, no problem. Lennon crossing over was like a scene from a movie about bumbling idiots trying to accomplish a simple task. By the time we made the exchange, we were all tired. Good night, Irene!!!







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