Mui Ne – time to just hang out and regroup!

This was a great, relaxing stop for us. The water temperature was perfect. The beach was steps away and we met some nice people (Tyler and Kally- safe travels guys!) I read a pretty good murder mystery book called “In the Woods.” The book exchange stores are fun to browse around in, but their selection is hit or miss. We’ve managed to find some good ones, though.
It felt strange for us to not be on the move! The kids loved it, though. Both days we were there, the kids made their own restaurant on our patio and served some killer noodle soup cups, bananas, coffee and tea. When we were in the little store at night just about ready to pay for some fruit shakes- all the power went out on the street. We just stood in the dark not really saying much until the power flickered back on.
Interesting thing about this place is that there are more Russian people milling about than Vietnamese. Because both countries are communist, it must be easier and/or cheaper for Russians to travel or live in Mui Ne. (Just a theory.) All signs are in English, Russian and Vietnamese.





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2 thoughts on “Mui Ne – time to just hang out and regroup!

  1. Tyler Alfred

    Hey Marsch’s-
    I literally just stumbled upon your wonderful comment to Kali and I while showing your blog to some friends here in Phnom Penh. Thank you so much, made my day. Kali and I parted ways after Vang Vieng but still keep in touch. I’m here in PP working on a few projects with a Cambodian friend so may be here for a bit. Heading to Myanmar next Thur with some new friends from NW Wisconsin. I would love to know your upcoming plans for the next few months and maybe even link up with you guys again. Cheers to your family adventures and as always safe travels.

    • Tyler! So happy you are checking in! Happy to hear you are still traveling. Are you still planning on teaching in Korea? Did you like PP? Crazy, right?! It was easy saying nice things about you guys. Friendly people can make your travels lighter- I’m sure you feel that way, as well. Hope you enjoy Myanmar- we did. In Rome now. Beautiful city. Safe travels! Love!

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