Some funny stories and observations

~When I was younger I admit I used to watch beauty pageants on tv. I would even pretend I was a contestant (my family humored me and let me parade around the family room. Thanks, guys!) One year, I remember one of the women saying, “My name is So and So and my motto is I’ll never try quitting and I’ll never quit trying.” It stuck in my head. Anyways, we were playing UNO one day and I misspoke and said “I’ll never try winning and I’ll….” A big joke in this family is that I am not competitive (I am- it just comes out sporadically.) Everyone said “You’re right. You never try winning- that’s why you lose all the time.” Wow! What a supportive family I have. hee
~Some women have super long toe nails. One woman’s were curling over her toes!
~In Phnom Penh, we saw guys with rickshaws carrying huge blocks of ice, then stopping at street vendors to saw ice off or leave a chunk for the storekeeper’s coolers.
~We bought a gong in Hoi An. Maddux and I were on a bike ride when he started talking about how cool it will be when we hang a big “dong” up in our house. I told him that it is called a gong, not a dong. He asked what a dong was. I said that’s a silly name for a weiner. He said, “Oh my gosh! How many different names ARE there for a weiner!?” He is funny.
~A policeman followed Jesse around asking him if he wanted to buy fake badges. Everyone is trying to make a buck!
~A big thing in some parts of Southeast Asia are couples taking elaborate wedding photos. We’re talking full on photo shoots in the jungle, in a cave, holding teddy bears that are kissing each other. It’s really interesting. Some of the dresses look like they’re straight out of the 80s. It’s funny because you’re walking around seeing extremely poor people, then around the corner there is a woman in a big hoop dress with a huge fancy lace umbrella and a teddy bear that is all dressed up.
~In the last two days we have traveled over 14 hours (in total) on a bus. That wasn’t bad at all- the most challenging part for me was being forced to watch hours of a Vietnamese high school’s prom. The bus guy cranked the volume just in case we weren’t all paying attention. All fast dances were done with their hands- they kind of stayed in one place or stepped back and forth a few times. In all my life, I have never been so happy to see Asian Karaoke videos when they came on the screen!

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2 thoughts on “Some funny stories and observations

  1. Are any of the long toe nail ladies single?

    • Jab (CM) – I will keep my eyes peeled for the long toe-nailed ladies and ask if they’re single. You are a weirdo… Whatever floats your boat! Love! Love! Love! cballs

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