Legend has it that one of Buddha’s eyebrow hairs is housed here

We have been to a temple where Buddha’s tooth is on display. We’ve also been to the Golden Rock Pagoda where Buddha’s hair supposedly keeps the rock from falling off the mountain. We’ve seen a footprint of his (which was questionable) and the Buddha in this picture is said to hold one of his eyebrows. I’m wondering what other parts of him we’ll come across.
We walked around and couldn’t find the temple. A monk walking toward us said it was right behind us. There were two women at the front gate who said the temple was closed, but she went to talk to a man. The man in this picture unlocked a little door for us, showed us the eyebrow Buddha and performed a blessing just for us. He blessed some water and spritzed it on us with a small bundle of sticks. Then he did some chanting while rubbing the sticks on each of our hands- afterwards, we rubbed it on our faces. We burned incense and placed it in the sand. It was really cool.









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