Em and Maddux – not big fans of taking photos with overly excited strangers

I tell the kids all the time to say no if they don’t want their picture taken with someone. Sometimes they say no, other times they pose reluctantly and Maddux makes a face and/or Emerson looks like she’s going to beat the crap out of the person in the photo with her! It’s kind of funny.


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4 thoughts on “Em and Maddux – not big fans of taking photos with overly excited strangers

  1. peafour

    You should have started taking pictures of all the people taking pictures of you and your family. Great coffee table book.

    • Ang- oh man! Your coffee table book is a good idea. We leave for Agra tomorrow morning to see the Taj Mahal. Crazy. I never even dreamed of seeing it in person. You’ll see pictures soon. Tell Cole that pigs roam the streets of Jaipur like they own the place -weaving through traffic and everything. Saw lots of piglets today hanging out with a group of monkeys. Love!

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  2. Kelly

    Kim!! Your mom finally got a hold of me to tell me about your great adventure! I just read almost the entire blog and I am completely in awe and inspired by you and your family. What an amazing experience for you all!!! I will be checking in regularly! Kelly

    • Kelly! (KGB!) I’m happy my mom tracked you down. I thought you might enjoy checking in with us every now and then. We are going to see the Taj Mahal tomorrow. Looking forward to that. You and your mom should take a trip to India together- you guys would dig it. So happy to hear from you. Hope you, Brandon and Sam are well. Love! Love! Love! (Your birthday is in May, right? Or Is it April? Happy Birthday whenever it is! hee)

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