Akbar of Agra designed Fatehpur Sikri

Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbár, also known as Akbar the Great (October 15, 1542 – October 27, 1605) was the ruler of the Moghul Empire from the time of his accession in 1556 until 1605. He is considered the greatest of the Moghul emperors in terms of his military conquests. He is best known for his vision of an empire as an interfaith community—a view quite exceptional for his time. Although a pious Muslim, he believed that truth underlies all religions and pioneered inter-religious collaboration through his discussions with religious scholars, his promotion of the unity of religious truth, and through his own inter-cultural marriages.
Unfortunately, his enlightened policies were short-lived, to be reversed by his successor. Bummer!
These are pictures of some of the grounds where to kill criminals, they would have an elephant repeatedly step on the accused. Ouch! The stage where Maddux is singing is actually where women would dance and sing to entertain anyone at Fatehpur Sikri.





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2 thoughts on “Akbar of Agra designed Fatehpur Sikri

  1. Renee Billman

    Hello Marsch Family,
    Kim, I’ll buy your book! It just gets better all the time.
    Neighbor Renee

    • Renee, thank you!!! A book?! I’d probably only sell ten copies, but thanks for the encouragement! Love!

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