Fatehpur Sikri

Akbar was quite the lady’s man. Legend has it, he had hundreds of wives and concubines of different faiths. They would be sitting in a courtyard area and he would look out from his big bed and tell his men which woman he wanted to spend the night with. There were privacy walls so none of the women would get jealous- how nice of him! Ha
Incidentally, out of all these ladies- he only got three pregnant. One was the Hindu wife, which he rewarded with a very elaborate temple to live in because she gave him his first son. The other two were concubines. Conspiracy theorists believe that he may not have been able to produce children so maybe the women had their own fella on the side. Paternity tests were not available back then, so we’ll never know.
Two of the photos are of the women’s pool where they would lounge around waiting to be “chosen.” They even had a beauty parlor to up their chances. The way I look lately, King Akbar would probably ask me to leave and never return! The other photo is of a painting of Akbar. In a lot of these places, there is no money for art conservation, so what you’re looking at is the real deal. Pretty cool.




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