Sand dune jumping competition!

Of course we couldn’t just enjoy the sunset- we had to be doing something so Emerson started seeing how far she could jump. The sand is so fine that you sink way down into it. It is hard to get a running start- but once you gain speed and jump off- you can go pretty far. (I did not include the picture of me doing it. I have to blame my jumping inadequacies on my extremely short legs.) We did this so many times, we were exhausted. We slept real well that night.







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Sand Sledding in Mui Ne!!!! Woo-hooooo!

This was a fun afternoon. We went there to check out the sunset and do some sand sledding. Sand sledding is fun, but (in my opinion) snow sledding is much better! That’s a shout out to all of our friends and family who are still dealing with snow!
Hey Sorbers! Thanks for the pictures of the kids’ igloo. So fun!!!! You guys are rockin’ it! I bet all of you are killer skiers at this point, too. Righteous! Stay warm. Love!





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I think this kid might have been a pathological liar

The kid behind Emerson followed us for about half of our hike. He started off in the beginning of the stream with a chalkboard sign that basically said that his mom and him would watch our shoes while we hiked in exchange for about a dollar. We thought ‘what a little entrepreneur’ and put our shoes on a shelf. He must have had us pegged for suckers because he caught up with us soon after we started and began trying to sell us a ride on an ostrich. What?! That’s weird. We said no, so he wanted to show us a special waterfall (if we paid him, he’d take us.) Actually, the stream dead-ended at the waterfall. It is safe to say we would have found it on our own. I asked the kid how old he was- he did the number sign for 15. I said, “If you’re 15, then I’m 25.” He smiled and said ‘yes!’ He started getting a bit mad that we weren’t falling for any of his scams and just outright asked Jesse to give him money. (Sometimes they ask for money from foreigners because it is considered lucky. Jesse said ‘isn’t all money considered lucky?’) Jesse told him to quit hustling and go to school. We needed to lose the kid- he was starting to take away from our enjoyment. Two of his friends came out of the trees and started asking him questions. I told everyone to run and don’t look back!!! We got back to our shoes and he magically appeared! He wanted us to pay him so we could get our shoes back! Just kidding- but I would not have been one bit surprised if he would have tried a scam like that. Some of these people are crafty!


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More of the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne








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This area is called Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a stream in Mui Ne that flows through a patch of the dunes and rock formations. It is surreal- the red sand mixing with the white. Some of the sand and water come together to form a quicksand-like substance. It took us about 45 minutes to walk to the end where there was a waterfall, then we leisurely walked back. Maddux ended up in his undies at some point- but would prefer that I don’t post those pictures!









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Fishing Village in Mui Ne



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My dream since I learned how to drive is to have a Jeep- someday soon I will! Until then- I shall pretend!


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A rock sculpture for Paul and Roger

Hey P & R- we like making rock sculptures- they remind me of the bunker and all the fun stuff you’ve made with rocks, clothes pins, etc. Hope you guys are well. Why haven’t you commented lately?! Love!


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Train Ride from Hoi An to Mui Ne

We have been on a few overnight trains so we kind of knew what to expect, but when we got on this train- it was very different. There were sleeping cubicles with 2 small bunk beds. We had bought 4 bed tickets. They said they only had uppers left and we would be next to each other. When we got on, I walked to my cubicle to find four sweaty, stinky men on beds and old lawn chairs sprawled out by the door. This might be weird, but they reminded me of guys who would be involved in cock fighting or games of Russian Roulette. I’m not really into that stuff. ha. I went into Jesse’s and there was a nice young couple reading books and they were (relatively) good smelling. I told Jesse that none of us would be sleeping in my assigned area, so Maddux, Emerson and I climbed up on one bed (thank goodness I am flexible- you have to stretch your leg up high to hoist yourself up.) Jesse and Lennon were on the other one. Emerson and Maddux were sleeping opposite of each other. Maddux started complaining that her foot was in his face and Emerson was complaining about the smell of Maddux’s feet. I had a long metal bar in my back. Jesse suggested that Em and Lennon switch so we’d have more room- brilliant! Emerson jumped over to the other bed, no problem. Lennon crossing over was like a scene from a movie about bumbling idiots trying to accomplish a simple task. By the time we made the exchange, we were all tired. Good night, Irene!!!







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Mui Ne – time to just hang out and regroup!

This was a great, relaxing stop for us. The water temperature was perfect. The beach was steps away and we met some nice people (Tyler and Kally- safe travels guys!) I read a pretty good murder mystery book called “In the Woods.” The book exchange stores are fun to browse around in, but their selection is hit or miss. We’ve managed to find some good ones, though.
It felt strange for us to not be on the move! The kids loved it, though. Both days we were there, the kids made their own restaurant on our patio and served some killer noodle soup cups, bananas, coffee and tea. When we were in the little store at night just about ready to pay for some fruit shakes- all the power went out on the street. We just stood in the dark not really saying much until the power flickered back on.
Interesting thing about this place is that there are more Russian people milling about than Vietnamese. Because both countries are communist, it must be easier and/or cheaper for Russians to travel or live in Mui Ne. (Just a theory.) All signs are in English, Russian and Vietnamese.





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